Feed, Fortify & Flourish to have a happiGut™

The path to good digestive health is to feed, fortify & flourish” our guts with clean, all-natural, and minimally processed foods and nutrients to help feed, balance, and nourish our gut’s microbiome and to support our health and well being.

happiGut™ is the ultimate superfood prebiotic fibre to support the journey to a balanced gut and digestive health, giving good bacteria what it needs to grow.

Utilizing an innovative low-heat, chemical-free, and water-based process to preserve vital nutrients while removing plant sugars, happiGut™ offers natural, whole plant powerful prebiotic fibre that supports digestive health and supports the microbiome.

A better fibre for a happier gut. For gut health and beyond.

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Listen and trust your gut


“Food is medicine,” is our sole guiding principle. As such, we offer whole food, nutrient-dense and good for your gut products that are independently tested for bioavailability, safety, and nutritional value — making them worthy of our NutriFoods promise.

Who we are

The path to digestive health is simple

The gut microbiome is home to trillions of microbes. Nourishing the gut with foods that include prebiotics and essential nutrients for the beneficial bacteria (aka: PRObiotics) is the key to good digestive health. Scientists believe that 70-80% of our immune cells live in our gut microbiome.  The gut is where bacteria meets immunity.

Our immunity, mental agility, and overall well-being are all linked to our gut.

The good the bad and the happiGut

Made from plants, backed by science, brought to you by NutriFoods

At our core of NutriFoods, we believe in evidence-based, clean, natural food products, and the power of choice to take control of our own health journey. happiGut™ embodies these beliefs and empowers us to live the best life we can.

Listen and trust your gut.

Diversity Matters!

Good gut health is dependent of the diversity of [gut microbiota], the richer and more diverse our microbiota, the more resilient our [gut microbiota].

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butyrate: Fuel for the gut lining

Our gut ferments and transforms prebiotic dietary fibre to make an important transporter for nutrients to our body. Postbiotics are the end result of the fermentation process and provides the body with nutrients.

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