Constipated? Here Is What You Can Do About it

Sometimes, life is constipated. Did you know that in North America alone, over 63 million people are affected by chronic constipation? If you had a happy poop this morning, consider yourself lucky! Some people think if they don’t have a bowel movement every day, they are constipated — while that’s not true. According to many..

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Prebiotic foods

What’s the Difference Between Prebiotic and Probiotic?

Prebiotics and probiotics have become a substantial part of gut health and nutrition. If you thought they were the same thing, you’re not alone. Probiotics and prebiotics both support the ecosystem made of the trillions of bacteria that colonize our gut. Probiotics include the nearly 1,000 species of beneficial bacteria, while prebiotics are fibres that..

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Introducing the new FODMAP friendly certified happiGut™

This article appeared in on November. 17, 2020. happiGut™ is approved and certified as a FODMAP friendly product. Those suffering from IBS symptoms, acid reflux, constipation, gassiness, bloating and digestive discomfort can take happiGut prebiotic fibre knowing they’re getting a nutrient-dense fibre with the benefits of supporting their microbiome without the uncomfortable symptoms that..

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