Is your gut talking back to you with nasty sounds? Are gut issues, like bloating, constipation, heartburn, food intolerances and IBS symptoms limiting your ability to carry out day to day activities?

Getting on the path to better digestive health can not only relieve symptoms but carry enormous benefits for overall health and well-being.

More than 20 million Canadians and 1 in 5 Americans suffer from digestive disorders every year. Be it a little indigestion after a meal, food intolerance, gas and bloating, or severe heartburn, constipation, or IBS. Digestive issues are very common, often debilitating and hardly discussed openly. Even if your gut is not in distress, taking care, and optimizing gut health can optimize your health.

How to start on the path to a healthy gut:
1. Eat a healthy high fibre diet (25-30 grams) with a diverse and plentiful range of whole food 
2. Cut it out. Cut out highly processed, refined foods, refined sugar, and alcohol
3. Include healthy fats in your diet
4. Stay well hydrated, eat mindfully, stay active
5. Prioritize and manage stress and get enough sleep
Feed, fortify, and flourish your beneficial bacteria (probiotics) daily with happiGut™️ whole plant prebiotic fibre with nutrients for symptomatic relief of uncomfortable digestive issues and to support a healthy gut microbiome.

Nutrifoods has introduced happiGut™️ a prebiotic fibre made with Kfibre™️. Kfibre is derived from a single ingredient; sugarcane fibre. The sucrose is removed and the nutrients preserved using a low temperature, chemical-free process.

Prebiotic fibres are indigestible by us but provide food for the beneficial bacteria or probiotics in our gut. The lesser-known, but vitally important, prebiotics are the essential food for the living bacterial organisms in our gut and they work hand in hand.

Feeding our gut bacteria with prebiotics can help populate and diversify the good bacteria to fortify our gut in the fight against pathogens or harmful bacteria as they compete for the food sources to flourish. Increasing the population of good bacteria in the gut can also support our health in a variety of ways, including:

  • help to digest food and aid absorption of minerals and nutrients
  • provide relief and improve digestive symptoms
  • protect our body against harmful bacteria
  • regulate and fortify the immune system
  • manage weight and regulate metabolism
  • support cardiovascular health

When bacteria ferment the prebiotic fibre, it is used as fuel for the gut bacteria and in the process, releases a multitude of nutrients or Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) such as butyrate that cannot be obtained on their own. These nutrients are transported throughout the body to do the important work of supporting various health systems in our body. happiGut™️ has been found to have a high rate of butyrate production that feeds colonocytes and slowly ferments throughout the whole gut. happiGut™️ supports gut health and beyond.

happiGut™️ is the best available natural whole plant complex prebiotic on the market. Multiple trials have shown how it outperforms any other, as well as countless testimonials from consumers who have found relief from digestive distress and experienced improved gut health.

“Definitely the most helpful product I have tried. This is an excellent product. I’ve been using it for months. It has helped relieve IBS symptoms as well as heartburn. I started with small amounts and over a couple of weeks. I was able to have a full teaspoon in water, 2 times a day. Definitely, the most helpful product I have tried.”

S. McClure, 16 May 20

As a fibre, it packs a potent and effective punch of complex fibre. happiGut ™️ has both soluble and, very important, insoluble fibre. The sugarcane fibre is prebiotic; nutrient-dense, and well-tolerated by many with gut issues, and food tolerances.

Wondering if happiGut™️ is suitable for a low FODMAP diet? FODMAPs are fibres that when they undergo fermentation in the colon, may cause GI distress. happiGut ™️ is very low in FODMAPS and is certified as FODMAP friendly. It digests well, can be added to meals to provide the fibre that may be lacking in the diet due to food intolerances or sensitivities and is highly recommended for a low FODMAP diet.

happiGut™️ is a simple addition to a daily diet. Mix into water, blend into a smoothie, or add a spoonful of fibre added to baked goods, snacks and meals. A single teaspoon can start you off on the path to good gut health. When your body is moving waste through at a healthy rate and your bacteria are happily feeding on happiGut™️ prebiotic fibre, your body will know the difference.

See our product information page and our FAQs on how best to take happiGut™️