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The Benefits of Complex Carbohydrates, Dietary Fibre, and Prebiotics

You might have been told before that fibre is an essential component of a healthy gut and a healthy body, but for most North Americans, the message must not have stuck. This is evidenced by how incredibly deficient we are in our average fibre intake. Less than 3% of Americans get the minimum recommended intake..

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Introducing the new FODMAP friendly certified happiGut™

This article appeared in on November. 17, 2020. happiGut™ is approved and certified as a FODMAP friendly product. Those suffering from IBS symptoms, acid reflux, constipation, gassiness, bloating and digestive discomfort can take happiGut prebiotic fibre knowing they’re getting a nutrient-dense fibre with the benefits of supporting their microbiome without the uncomfortable symptoms that..

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