Who We Are

Our mission every day: provide accurate, trustworthy, and clear information about gut health and prebiotics so you can trust your gut, have confidence in our product, and start on the path to better gut, digestive, and overall health.

Founded by industry experts in natural foods, NutriFoods believes that whole, nutritious foods that nourish the trillions of microorganisms inside our guts are essential for gut balance and the ultimate path to well-being.

We hope to inspire people from all walks of life and stages of health to acquire knowledge about good digestive health so each of us can feel empowered to choose the most nutritious foods and products on the path to a healthy body and mind.

We know that just as humans have complex health systems, so too are the many plants and foods in nature. We strive to provide as close to whole food nutrient-dense prebiotic as possible. Just like you, we want to support consumers in their journey to better health by offering as close to whole food products as is possible. Like our health and wellness partners, we believe in the idea that food is medicine and when possible diet and nutrition can provide optimum nutrients for better gut health.

That’s why as a standard and measure of all things we offer, Nutrifoods and our production partners guarantee our products are selected, sourced, and processed to ensure purity, safety and preservation of whole food nutrients making them highly effective in assisting in gut health. This means our products retain inherent nutritional properties, are bioavailable and have the cellular complexity of plants to mimic whole food.  When a perfect diet is not always an option, Nutrifoods offers a simple, convenient, and highly effective form of prebiotic complex fibre for everyday use.

For Nutrifoods, innovation is answering the call from consumers for natural whole food healthy, nutritional gut health products for now and in the future.