We’ve all heard of superfoods and happiGut™ is one of the best in terms of supporting your digestive health while being sugar- and additive-free. Packed with whole plant fibres that feed and protect your gut microbiome, happiGut™ makes it easy to get the prebiotic fibre you need without drastically changing your eating habits. This dull, plain powder adds a fibre punch when added to shakes, baked goods, smoothies, stews, sauces, and more. This natural prebiotic fibre could be what you need to help soothe digestive issues such as constipation, bloat, reflux, and IBS distress.

At Nutrifoods™, our mission is to arm consumers with products to support gut health and beyond. We want to feed, fortify, and flourish the gut, starting with feeding those hungry   probiotics in your gut with natural prebiotic fibre. Nourishing probiotics give your body the tools it needs to fight pathogens by helping balance the beneficial bacteria in your gut’s microbiome. While the most immediate results you can expect with  happiGut™ are a more comfortable day-to-day digestive experience and less flare-ups of your gastrointestinal conditions, know that those good bacteria are consuming a healthy buffet of fibre to support your gut and nourish the rest of your body. Scientists are learning more and more about the gut microbiome everyday, and increasing research suggests that gut health impacts the whole body, our whole health, and likely even our mental health. With happiGut™ whole food prebiotic, you get whole plant fibre that supplements the whole person.

What are PREbiotics?

When you take PRObiotics, (living organisms) you’re directly ingesting good bacteria that your body needs to prevent gut health problems and the associated health risks that come with it. . However, they can’t do it alone. PREbiotics are not digested by our bodies, but are a food, in fact, a feast for the good bacteria — PRObiotics —  to grow and flourish. As a food source of probiotics, it only makes sense that you provide any probiotic that you take the best chance at flourishing by providing a complete, whole food prebiotic fibre, like happiGut™. The whole plant fibre found in happiGut™ is naturally derived from the sugarcane plant, in Australia,  a highly nutritious plant with prebiotic fibre or complex carbohydrates. While many of us know that these complex carbs — certain fruits, vegetables, and grains — aren’t completely digested by the colon, they don’t simply pass through our colon, they are critical food for the building of a healthy functioning microbiome.

The Benefits and How Prebiotics Feed The Growth of Probiotics

When it comes to your gut’s microbiome and maintaining gut health, part of the key is maintaining balance among the many different types of bacteria that live there. When you take probiotics, you add to your supply of good bacteria. The next step is feeding that hungry population with prebiotics. 

As prebiotics bypass digestion, as mentioned earlier, they ferment in your gut. When fermentation starts, they work with probiotics to enable the growth of the good bacteria and produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). These SCFAs help restore the PH balance of the colon, reduce inflammation, repair the epithelial lining of your stomach and intestines, and influence communication between the gut and the rest of the body. happiGut™ has been scientifically trialled for its anti-inflammatory properties as both happiGut™ alone, and also with a probiotic. The results were clear in boosting properties that probiotics are linked to, such as anti-inflammation. happiGut™ was able to amplify the effect and improve the anti-inflammatory effects. Basically, happiGut™ supported the growth and function of the probiotic throughout the bowel and it led to an easily measurable and significantly improved result. That being said, you can see why the benefits of this prebiotic and probiotic interaction could go well past your improved gut health.

Choose happiGut™ For A Daily Prebiotic Boost

Actively taking care of your gut is a new concept for many, but as we’ve started to see the growing use of prebiotics, we’ve also seen the tangible benefits that people experience when they make gut health a priority. Prebiotics and prebiotic supplements are just another piece of the puzzle to try and maximize your gut and overall health. Start nurturing your microbiome and the probiotics in your gut by ordering your supply of happiGut™ prebiotic fibre today!