When it comes to fibre, most of us barely know the benefits of natural fibre, much less the difference between natural (whole plant) fibres and isolated fibres. Far from just passing through your digestive tract, these fibres have a wide range of effects on your gut health and overall well being. However, not all fibres are equal. Complex dietary fibres from whole plant sources are becoming recognized as vital parameters in influencing the gut microbial diversity in contrast to isolated or purified dietary forms.

At Nutrifoods, our flagship product, happiGut, is a whole plant fibre supplement made from sugar cane. Unlike isolated fibre, our whole plant fibre supplement is extracted from the sugar cane plant using a process that uses low temperature and water without the use of chemicals. While there are some health benefits to isolated fibre, they can’t deliver all the benefits of whole plant fibre.

Processing and Results – The Key to Retaining the Benefits of Whole Plant Fibre

The difference between whole plant and isolated fibre comes in both the process and the results for your body. With isolated purified fibres, fibres are extracted chemically or in some other way that damages or destroys the nutrition that is in the fibre. In this regard, a virgin processed (no chemical, low heat) dietary fibre from sugarcane,that is manufactured with only mechanical stress and water to dilute the sugar content, with subsequent decanting, drying and grinding; is known to retain the structural features of plant cellular materials and preserve other intrinsic nutritional and biologically active components.  happiGut™ is derived from a virgin processing method that retains micronutrients and polyphenols, contains both soluble and insoluble benefits as well as rapid and slow fermentation at ratios that more accurately represent natural plant foods. 

While some of the benefits of fibre have been shown in isolated purified fibre, in most ways, the health benefits of isolated purified fibre are inconsistent at best.

What Is Isolated Purified Fibre?

Isolated purified fibres are extracted from plants chemically or in some other way that denatures the cell wall structure and nutrition of the plant fibres, or they are synthetically created. They’re manufactured and added to a variety of foods so that the manufacturer can claim some fibre content, a specific remedy, or for other uses such as adding thickness or crispiness to a dish. They show inconsistent results in aiding both traditionally sought and new found benefits of fibre. A single isolated fibre can only feed single bacteria and therefore not fully promote growth and diversity of bacteria in the gut. A complex prebiotic fibre, that is a whole food can support abundance and diversity when feeding the good bacteria while also supporting and aiding digestive issues Whether your fibre needs revolve around staying regular, aiding blood sugar and cholesterol, or getting the prebiotics that you need, isolated purified fibre and the foods it’s added to may do little in delivering nutrient density or complex fibre food benefits. 

What Is Whole Plant Fibre?

We call happiGut™ a whole plant fibre because our process preserves the nutrients of the sugar cane plant and the integrity of the fibres to the same degree that you’d receive if you were simply sucking on a piece of sugarcane. Aside from removing about 95% of the sucrose, the rest of the plant’s nutritional density and value is preserved. Nothing added and no nutrients removed. One teaspoon of happiGut™ delivers fibre and nutrients in a small but powerful way. With happiGut™ as a supplement to your diet, you easily add an entire realm of benefits that you should be getting from fibre, and more. From daily digestive issues, such as regularity, bloat or reflux to feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut with a prebiotic boost. For the many consumers that experience food intolerances resulting in digestive discomfort, happiGut™ is a well tolerated, gluten free, low FODMAP fibre that can be included to make up for a lack of fibre in our daily diets.  Not having prebiotic fibre from whole foods or a supplement like happiGut™ will eventually result in dietary distress and a fibre deficiency. When a perfect diet is not possible, happiGut™ gives you the benefits of a whole food fibre in a convenient way.

Choose happiGut™ as Your Fibre Supplement and Get Whole Plant Nutrition

At Nutrifoods™, we’re passionate about delivering you a product that has all the value of whole plant prebiotic fibre, without losing out on the fibre and nutrients that you get from vegetables and grains in your diet. happiGut™ is the best way to get the nutritional value of whole plant fibre. Simply add it to any of your meals and start enjoying better digestive health. Order yours today!