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happiGut™ PREbiotic Fibre – Superfood For Your PRObiotics

We’ve all heard of superfoods and happiGut™ is one of the best in terms of supporting your digestive health while being sugar- and additive-free. Packed with whole plant fibres that feed and protect your gut microbiome, happiGut™ makes it easy to get the prebiotic fibre you need without drastically changing your eating habits. This dull,..

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Why Whole Plant Fibre Wins vs Isolated Purified Fibre

When it comes to fibre, most of us barely know the benefits of natural fibre, much less the difference between natural (whole plant) fibres and isolated fibres. Far from just passing through your digestive tract, these fibres have a wide range of effects on your gut health and overall well being. However, not all fibres..

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The Benefits of Complex Carbohydrates, Dietary Fibre, and Prebiotics

You might have been told before that fibre is an essential component of a healthy gut and a healthy body, but for most North Americans, the message must not have stuck. This is evidenced by how incredibly deficient we are in our average fibre intake. Less than 3% of Americans get the minimum recommended intake..

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