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happiGut™ is approved and certified as a FODMAP friendly product. Those suffering from IBS symptoms, acid reflux, constipation, gassiness, bloating and digestive discomfort can take happiGut prebiotic fibre knowing they’re getting a nutrient-dense fibre with the benefits of supporting their microbiome without the uncomfortable symptoms that come from FODMAPS.

Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly Certified happiGut™

About NutriFoods™

Nutrifoods Ltd. is a Canadian company founded by natural food industry experts and is focused on whole food, nutrient-dense products to support gut health.

The founder of NutriFoods™, Carsten Hagen, has had experience in natural foods for over 40 years and founded some leading and successful natural food companies. Carsten Hagen was responsible for introducing Avocado oil to the North American market as a healthy fat to be used in a variety of ways and as an everyday staple.

Introducing happiGut™

NutriFoods™ is pleased to launch happiGut™, superfood for the gut. happiGut™ was inspired by the desire to support consumers on their journey to improved gut health – as we learn more and more that gut health impacts multiple systems in our body and profoundly impacts our health. happiGut™ is easy to use, versatile, effective and clean. The focus is on whole food, nutrient dense products that are not altered or have any additives.

What is happiGut™?

Being a single ingredient and whole plant prebiotic fibre, happiGut™ aids in an improved and balanced gut microbiome that has an enormous impact on multiple health systems, including cholesterol management, blood glucose, metabolism, weight management and immunity. happiGut™ is unique as it is not a fibre supplement, rather a whole plant food product delivered in an easy way to incorporate into a daily diet and improve the microbiome, gut health and beyond.

happiGut™ has been tested as low in FODMAPS, supporting those who suffer from IBS. It is an all-natural, single ingredient that is extracted from the sugarcane plant (95% sucrose removed). A low-temperature process without the use of chemicals is followed to ensure the integrity of the plant, optimizing both the fibre and maintaining the inherent nutrients. Making this prebiotic fibre, a nutrient-dense product.

Fibre and Prebiotics

Fibre is known to support multiple health systems such as heart health, blood glucose levels, metabolism, weight management, immunity and a variety of digestive issues. happiGut™ contains as much fibre as one to two servings of fruit or vegetables, but without the natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables.

There’s an entire ecosystem going on in your gut and good bacteria need room to live and grow. Harmful bacteria can however take over the essential nutrients your body needs. happiGut™ helps by supporting the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Researchers have found the most effective prebiotic actions come from the cell walls of plants. Sugarcane fibre is unique and effective as it contains both soluble (pectin) and insoluble fibre (hemicellulose and Lignin). Sugarcane fibre also contains important nutrient phytonutrients, like the trace elements: Silica, chromium, iron, zinc, tricin, manganese, selenium, and micronutrients such as policosanol, flavonoids (more than in green tea), and polyphenols.

Why choose happiGut™

happiGut™ is a whole plant prebiotic fibre for gut health management, microbiome support and contains active phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Getting an early start on a healthy gut is good for future health. It is suitable for all ages, It can from infants on solids to the older population. It can also be safely used by those with multiple conditions, without interfering with medications or nutrient absorption, and is easily incorporated into a daily diet.

happiGut™ offers effective support to those experiencing digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, Acid reflux, IBS by fortifying and flourishing the gut microbiome and providing aid to symptoms.

happiGut™ is a single food product made into an easy -to-take powder form. It is clean, nutrient dense, FODMAP friendly, NONGMO certified, Gluten free, Kosher, low GI, effective at low doses and has no allergens, no added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

Nutrifoods™ are proud of their product standards and can confidently say that happiGut™ is beyond organic. This means their procedures ensure the safety and integrity of the soil from planting to packing, which is tested regularly and more frequently than organic testing bodies require. happiGut™ made from Kfibre who source sugarcane from cane farmers who are part of the Barrier Reef best farming practices, which protects the integrity of the land and soil along the Great Barrier Reef where the sugarcane comes from. happiGut™ is tested, tracked traceable – from farm to consumer – every bag!

How do I take happiGut™?

A simple and easy way is to add it your everyday meals, snacks, treats and beverages. It is a single food ingredient, which is natural and easy to incorporate into your baking and cooking. Keep a bag on your kitchen counter and add it to your cooking, pasta sauce, soup, baked goods, eggs, quiche . . . as you wish.

Or simply add 1 teaspoon (1 serving) to a glass of water and take twice a day. It does not interfere with medications, has a neutral taste and retains the natural colour and texture of the sugarcane fibre.

What is next?

The future products created by Nutrifoods will also be focused on offering gut-healthy inflammation-reducing and immunity boosting healthy food products. We are looking forward to this!

Where can people find out more about happiGut™?

You can find out more about happiGut™ at on Facebook and Instagram.

Introducing the newly FODMAP FRIENDLY Certified happiGut™ | FODMAP Friendly