When it comes to your gut and overall health, one of the most important things is to eat cleanly. Eating the right foods can help your microbiome flourish, and your health right alongside it. A healthy, diverse and nutrient-dense diet gives your gut the nutrients it needs to take care of itself and in turn help provide relief for a variety of uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

We at Nutrifoods, make supporting your gut health our top priority, particularly with our flagship whole plant prebiotic fibre: happiGut™. happiGut™ supplements your diet with a complex prebiotic fibre in order to provide a nourished and healthier gut microbiome. This natural and unrefined fibre is extracted from the sugarcane plant. When added to your diet, it gives a boost of prebiotic complex fibre allowing your gut to produce a more abundant and diverse community of good bacteria aka, probiotics in the microbiome.

Sugar Cane Fibre, a Simple Ingredient With a Big Punch 

happiGut™, is derived from the sugarcane plant. Nature has gifted us with this plant, whose cell walls are high in prebiotic complex fibre. Through a low temperature, chemical free process, the fibre is gently extracted preserving the phytonutrients and trace minerals and vitamins, while the sucrose is removed. What’s left is “the plant, the whole plant and nothing but the plant.” The complex fibre remains without the carbohydrate load from the sugar. The nutrition of the cell wall structure stays intact and provides a potent functional food fibre supplement for your gut. Fibre is a nutrient we could all use more of.

The Benefit of Whole Plant Fibre

It’s long been accepted that dietary fibre is an essential component of a healthy diet and has far reaching benefits beyond good gut health. Incorporating fibre from whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, is linked with a wide variety of health benefits, such as improved immune, cardiovascular, metabolic, and especially better digestive health. Not only can the right types of fibre help manage symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn, and IBS, but they can also help in the management of conditions like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. All while keeping you regular and helping to maintain a healthy weight. As a low FODMAP and gluten free fibre, happiGut™ is especially kind to your gut.

Getting enough fibre in your diet is essential for good digestive health. There are many different types of fibre supplements, which are purified and isolated containing many additives. The whole plant fibre derived from sugarcane is whole food and  acts like a supplement, easy to take, easy to add to prepared meals and beverages. happiGut ™  feeds, fortified and flourishes the gut. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibre. happiGut™ does its part to feed the beneficial bacteria by delivering soluble fibre throughout the whole gut. The prebiotic fibre is fermented and creates short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). happiGut™ is known for its high production of the SCFA, Butyrate. Butyrate is utilized as food by colonocytes, the cells that line the gut. In this way, butyrate helps maintain the gut’s cell barrier, helping suppress inflammation, keeping out pathogens, sending nutrients to the body, and fortifying immunity.

Get Whole Plant Fibre and Nothing Else 

At Nutrifoods, we know how hard it can be to find the right way to eat, and how hard it can be to get enough fibre in our diets, especially without added chemicals or unwanted extra sugar. Luckily, there’s happiGut™, a prebiotic fibre that is a functional whole food that can supplement your diet with fibre and provide the nutrients and prebiotic action of fibre to reinforce your microbiome and gut health. happiGut™ is free of allergens, additives, and preservatives, and it’s gluten free and FODMAP friendly certified. It’s a well tolerated fibre for those on restrictive diets and easily incorporated into meals and snacks. Whether you suffer from digestive distress or want to improve your diet, get more fibre and help get your gut on the path to good health, happiGut ™ can help. Order your supply and start getting relief from your digestive issues today.